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Treading into fruit pastille territory…

I turned vegetarian when I was 9 years old, (yes, you read that right, 9)! As a child, giving up many of my favourite sweets and cakes was definitely the hardest part. Fruit pastilles and Cadbury’s Swiss Gateaux Cake, they all … Continue reading

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Preservation of papermaking traditions

I recently came across this article,, which reports on an award given for the preservation of intangible heritage in China. Intangible heritage includes traditions which are passed from generation to generation, such as a skill, songs, rituals or storytelling. In this article, the … Continue reading

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If the shoe fits…

I recently bought myself a copy of a 1942 edition of Joseph Conrad’s, ‘A Conrad Argosy’,  a lovely edition complete with woodcuts by Hans Alexander Mueller. As it’s a large and heavy book, in an ideal world it would be stored lying flat on my … Continue reading

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Newcastle upon Tyne; a new town in the old town

Rope-makers Oil yard Glass works Paper mill Foundry Coal pit Lime kilns Pottery mill Lead works Soap factory Bottle works Lunatic asylum Poor house Tannery Fever house Baths …and windmills aplenty. It doesn’t sound like Newcastle city centre, does it? … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Zoe Finlay Paper Conservation!

I’m delighted to report that today is the second birthday of of Zoe Finlay Paper Conservation. Thank you to all my customers who have brought me some wonderful objects this past two years. Your support and interest in paper conservation … Continue reading

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Chinese Woodblock Printing

I’m extremely excited as I’ve just booked myself onto ‘Chinese Woodblock Printing’ , a 3-day course held at the Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh. I love the immediacy of woodblock printing. The simplicity of using hand-held tools to interact with a beautiful, natural material, taking into … Continue reading

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Preserving Family Photographs

I’ve spent my last few evenings finally sorting through some piles of old family photographs that I’ve been meaning to deal with for a while.  As many of my ancestors are untraceable and I have only scant information about a … Continue reading

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