I provide a free, no obligation quote for any work. Customers can either email photos of their items to or I can come and visit you.

I charge £30.00 per hour with an additional fee for materials. Please note that it is often difficult to predict with accuracy how long a treatment will take. If, once a treatment has begun, it becomes apparent that it will take considerably longer to treat than anticipated I will always consult the customer with any variation in price before continuing. Likewise, if a treatment takes less time than anticipated, the final price is adjusted accordingly.

I take customer care and value for money seriously. Whenever possible, I present more than one treatment option which offer a variation in cost alongside an honest and balanced recommendation as to the best care for your object.


Do you charge to look at an object?

No, I always provide free, no obligation quotes. Customers may either bring the item to my studio or, if preferred, email photographs to

Do you ever decline to conserve an item?

I may do, if I feel that I do not have the suitable equipment to carry out a treatment. I would never put an item or a customers’ trust at risk. Wherever possible, I would recommend another conservator who may be able to help you.

Occasionally, I am requested to undertake work that I do not feel is the best care for the item and in this case I would always explain my reasons to you.

Will I understand anything about what you are going to do?

I am always very happy to explain as much or as little as you like about conservation treatments and the problems associated with your object. Please never be afraid to ask any questions – conservation is not and need not be a mystery but a fascinating profession which helps people to understand their paper objects in a  new light. In addition, I return completed items with comprehensive condition and treatment reports which I encourage customers to keep safe with the object. This provides important information for future owners of your object as well as provenance and a list of any materials used during conservation.

Any labels or inscriptions which have to be removed during treatment are always conserved where necessary and returned with the object. At the moment, I do not charge for this but view them as essential to the history of the object and the care of these is the duty of a conservator.

Can I just turn up at your studio?

If a visit is pre-arranged, I’d be happy to meet you however please see my page about visiting the studio for more information. As I may be in the middle of a treatment that can’t be interrupted, I prefer to know in advance of your visit. Thank you for your understanding.