Watercolour Painting by Leopold Rivers

At first glance this very large 1887 watercolour by Leopold Rivers, (1852-1905), appears to have little wrong with it, however viewing from the side revealed extensive distortion of the painting in its large gilt frame, (910 mm (H) x 1270 mm (W).

Removal from the frame revealed the painting was firmly adhered to a thick acidic board. This had become severely distorted, stiffening into a multiple wave shape and was also crumbling.

While it is preferable to keep original components of an object, the board impeded treatment of the painting and posed ongoing physical and chemical risks to the watercolour.

This contract was shared with a local frame conservator. After the frame was conserved, I returned the painting to the frame which I modified to conservation specifications.

Before Conservation

Watercolour, (Leopold Rivers, 1887)

Untitled watercolour, (Leopold Rivers, 1887)

Amended for website

The watercolour attached to its heavy, distorted, acidic board

After Conservation

Rivers' Watercolour

Before re-framing

Rivers' Watercolour; Attached to a conservation-grade board. The painting now lies flat and is ready to be returned to its frame.

Mounted to conservation standards using museum-quality materials. The painting now lies flat and is ready to be returned to its frame.

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