Two graphic novels on coated paper

This mid to late 20th century graphic novel, one of two brought into the studio, had been caught in a minor flood and its pages of coated paper were so stuck together that it was not possible to open it at all.

Separting the pages caused some tears and losses that had to be repaired. While this is not a normal approach in conservation where the ethic of ‘first do no harm’ is paramount,  the client fully understood the consequences of separation before treatment began.

Balancing the reality that the graphic novel was neither rare nor unique, couldn’t be opened again and no longer fulfilled its original function, the treatment proceeded. For a fuller explanation of this treatment and the difficulties coated paper presents, please see my blog post about the challenges of treating coated paper.


Cleaning away mould/reducing the risk of its return, separation of pages which were firmly stuck together, support to weak areas and tear repairs, infilling losses, pressing

Before Conservation

'Elric' (Michael Moorcock) with surface mould, distortions and stuck pages throughout.

‘Elric’ (Michael Moorcock) with surface mould, distortions and stuck pages throughout.


The pages are separated and the extend of damage is evident.

After Conservation


The pages restored with sympathetic materials to match the original paper in tone, weight and strength.

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