Preserving Family Photographs

I’ve spent my last few evenings finally sorting through some piles of old family photographs that I’ve been meaning to deal with for a while.  As many of my ancestors are untraceable and I have only scant information about a few, you can imagine my delight when I came across a group photograph from an Edwardian wedding.

From the typical placement of family members in wedding photographs coupled with facial similarities, I can make pretty good educated guesses as to who was who.

So while I may not even know some of their names, I now at least have a photograph of them. And I want to make sure I take really good care of it! I’m using only archival materials in my album and will have to consider where it is best to store it,  well away from  sources of heat and damp.

If this sounds familiar to you and you would like further information on the storage and display of photographs, contact me for some advice. I also recommend following this link:

If you would like to contact a photograph conservator, drop me an email and I will forward you details of several who may be able to help.

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