Maternity Leave Begins…!

Please note that the studio is now closed and I will be on maternity leave until approximately late 2014.

These are such exciting times ahead, not only because of our impending arrival but I am also looking forward to a new studio when the business re-starts, hopefully towards the end of 2014. The location is likely to be close by my first studio as it was such a convenient location for clients and myself, in the heart of Newcastle.

Details of the new location and re-start date will be posted next year on this website as well as blogs and newsletters whenever possible, so please keep checking back.

In the meantime, thank you to all my clients who have been so enthusiastic and excited at the news of our baby. I look forward to seeing you all again next year and as many of you have requested, I will let you know when baby puts in an appearance!

Thank you.

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