Beowulf…the Anglo Saxon poem, brought to life

I’ve recently booked a short holiday to West Stow Anglo-Saxon village  in Suffolk where I’m looking forward to watching a re-enactment of the magnificent mediaeval poem, ‘Beowulf’.

Beowulf, written by several anonymous scribes between the 8th and the early 11th century, is one of Britain’s most important surviving manuscripts and is recognised as one of the key texts of the British Libraries’ Cotton Collection.

I first saw a re-enactment several years ago on a great programme hosted by presenter, Michael Wood in 2009. The hour-long programme, (available here) investigated the evolution and history of the poem as well as it’s relevance to modern times, including along the way a trip to this region to visit the remains of the monastery of the Venerable Bede. The scenes of the misty fens and ancient buildings looming out of the fog mixed with the richness of the events which occurred in the area captured my imagination ever since.

If you have an interest in the Anglo-Saxon period and are based within the North East, I recommend a visit to Bede’s’ World, where Bede wrote the ‘Ecclesiastical History of the English Speaking People’  , a book which still today gives us a powerful insight into the life and times of the Anglo Saxons. 

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1 Response to Beowulf…the Anglo Saxon poem, brought to life

  1. cardmon says:

    I second the visit to Bede’s World, a great day out.

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