Libraries through the Ages

“Libraries are the means by which the present learns from the past, and leaves its own intellectual legacy to the future. We are the heirs of five thousand years of learning…”

Libraries through the Ages, Fred Lerner, (1999) Continuum Publishing Company, New York, p12

I’ve just reached the end of this great book which I can highly recommend. Whilst I already had some knowledge on the evolution of libraries, the book has somehow linked up those isolated fragments and in its seamless, well-written presentation of the history of the library, it has answered many questions for me and taught me a great deal of new facts.

For me, it was also permeated with a romance with its tales of distant lands, forgotten eras, dynasties and architectural and intellectual wonders which as hard I as I tried I still struggled to visualise.

Ironically, I initially borrowed the book from my local library however as I know it will be a book I will want to return to in the future, I’ve since bought my own copy. An invaluable book that I hope you will also enjoy.

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