Put the kettle on and settle down

What with all this snow we’re having, you may be foregoing your keep fit class, countryside walks or just looking for an excuse to not leave the house!

So here are two very good excuses..

If you didn’t see them the first time around, there were recently two excellent television series which are still available on BBC IPlayer. ‘Illuminations; The Private Lives of Medieval Kings’ examines the history and the making of some of the beautiful manuscripts which are normally hidden in the depths of the British Library.


The second series I would recommend is ‘A History of Art in Three Colours ‘  (Blue, Gold and White). I really enjoyed this series which examines the history and use of pigments, (one each programme). They were presented by the prominent Cambridge/Yale art historian, Dr James Fox, who is clearly very passionate about his subject.

The final programme, ‘White’ left me slightly disappointed at first as it spent a good chunk discussing the architecture of Le Corbusier and Mussolini and the passion for white which both these men shared, rather than the pigment history I had hoped for. However, it unfolded to be a fascinating programme. If you can forgive the repeated, (and rather unnecessary) shots of James posing moodily against a sun-baked wall, I really recommend it.


I hope you enjoy them!

Stay warm.

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