Don’t forget the birds!

It may seem a little out-of-place here on a paper conservation blog but this is conservation – just of a different kind. Please remember to feed our birds during all this cold and snowy weather. This is a very difficult time for them and your efforts, however small, could make such a difference to their fate.

If you have bird feeders, keep them clean, replenished and free from snow if possible. If you haven’t any feeders, putting out bits of cheese, chopped apple, raisins soaked in water and lightly dampened bread can be just as effective, as well as leaving fresh water for them to bathe in and drink.

Robin in the snow

I know it takes extra impetus to venture out into the garden on cold, wet days like today. However, regularly checking the food is free from snow and the water hasn’t frozen will reward you with the pleasure of not only seeing the birds come to your garden  but with the thought that it may be only because of you that they’re still alive.

Thank you.

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