Tynemouth Antiquarian and Second Hand Book Fair–9th October

Just a reminder that the next Tynemouth Antiquarian and Second Hand Book Fair will take place on Sunday 09th October, 10-4pm within Tynemouth metro station, as usual. It’s the last one for 2011 so don’t miss it! The next one is April 2012, (I’m unsure of the exact date yet).

I’m afraid the lengthy modifications to the tube line are due to finish on…Monday 10th October. Very unfortunate that it’s the day after, but it doesn’t look too arduous to still to and fro from Tynemouth on the metro until then. I’ve attached a link to a pdf document by Nexus (the operator) which gives metro travel advice and will hopefully be of help if this affects you:


I’m looking forward to getting out to meet people with many diverse paper objects again. I find many people are keen to talk about their interest and experiences in book and/or paper conservation and it’s great to find so many enthusiasts. Be careful what materials you use though if you do attempt repairs yourself. It is always best to take things to a professional but failing that, feel free to come and ask me for free advice about what materials you should and shouldn’t use. Many home remedies or quick fix repairs can cause longer term, more serious damage. I do produce my own leaflet which outlines some brief pointers on storage and handling. I’ll have a stack with me on the 09th or you can email me at any time and I will send one off to you.

Thank you!

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