The conservation of a cricket club certificate

I bought this lovely cricket club certificate recently and will eventually get around to beginning its conservation when I get a quiet period! Whenever that is, I’ll share the process with you here on this page. The certificate was written by the members of Central Lancashire Cricket League to a retiring Vice-President of the club and is very heart-felt and sweet to read. It’s been painted onto a medium weight cream wove paper with watercolours and a water-based gold paint.


Damage: As you can see, there is strong discolouration to the front (the “recto”, in conservation terms) caused by the adhesive used to paste the certificate to a very strong backing board. In fact it’s so heavy it’s quite something to lift it and I don’t yet know how easily I can separate the certificate from its backing. I’ll do some small test areas to find out the most effective way with minimal danger and intervention and then go onto reducing the discolouration.

Conservation: The acidic mount also needs addressing. Apart from physical issues, I need to bear in mind that the mount has been specifically designed and is part of the whole object as intended to be viewed. Shall I try and re-create the mount using conservation grade materials? I will have to give it some thought. It does appear that the mount has been specifically painted that colour yet the areas of white where it the pigment has been pulled away makes it appear that something else was once stuck over the front so perhaps the pink wasn’t on show after all, only the gold.

More on this in the future!

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